How Does The Assignment Of Mortgage Payments System Work™ ?

Doing investing deals is tough…

Or is it?

I get a lot of e-mails and calls from Investors who totally make the Assignment of Mortgage Profits System™ Way harder than it is. It’s like they  go around thinking of so many possible flaws, that they totally miss how brilliantly simple the process is.

I’m going to prove it by showing you how the Assignment of Mortgage Profits System™ works

Obviously the first step is…

To get educated. The REI RockStars and I were Phill Grove students a little less than two years ago during the time he developed AMPS™.

Now,  if you’re like me then you’ve probably spent more time than you would like to admit in real estate “training” sessions that were nothing more than up sells.

Phill is a welcome reprieve from that offering the most comprehensive training I’ve ever seen. The man knows how to make systems!  And as far as color by paint programs go, it really couldn’t get any easier than the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System™.

The next step is…

Start getting leads.

Now I don’t want to make it seem like you have to “wait’ to get educated before you start marketing.  In fact,  if you buy through the REI RockStars, you’re going to have tons free marketing bonuses that are already proven to work. So, you should be able to advertise almost immediately.

The funny thing is, when Phill teaches you…

How the Assignment of Profits System™ works, he has every angle covered. I mean he actually has so many marketing strategies I’ve lost count. Truth is, WE HAVE NOT EVEN USED THEM All…

We are not saying…

That the other marketing is bad, it’s just that once we started implementing a couple of strategies, we literally got overwhelmed with leads, so we just haven’t needed to use them all..

Next step: conversion, conversion, conversion

Once your advertising starts generating a serious amount of leads, you know that you are doing the right thing, so the key is to simply keep doing it.

After the leads roll in….

You’ll want to work on converting those leads.  It is important to remember that not every lead you get, or even most calls you get are going to become deals. The truth is you are only interested in really motivated sellers, and a portion of the callers are just “feelers” who just testing the market.


And to be honesty, getting good at converting these sellers come a little quicker to some people than others. But ANYONE can do it if you just persevere.  Just keep doing the marking and working on conversions and before you know it, you will be down deals like the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger shoots down bad guys in his movies.


First you’ve learned how the Assignment of Mortgage System™ works and started marketing.  Then you’ve learned to slice up those seller deal calls like Sushi chef cutting up a fish. Now you’ve got to take the deal to the over the goal line and actually score the touchdown by finding a seller to buy the deal.

Actually this brings up a good point.

In Football, you never want to do a touchdown dance until you’ve already crossed the goal line

Likewise, in AMPS™ Deals, you DO NOT want to be counting your chickens until you find the end buyer. After all, you don’t make any money until the buyer signs the contract and the check cashes.

That said, believe it or not, Finding a buyer is the easiest part of the whole process. As long as the home isn’t too unreasonably priced, there is so much demand right now for owner financed homes that all you have to do is the marketing as taught, and be ready to answer a heck of a lot of buyer calls.

At the end of the day, this is how AMPS™ works. If you just follow the Assignment of Mortgage system training, and implement it…then there is no reason it can’t be a powerful new tool in your investing arsenal.