How Do I Make Money With The Assignment Of Mortgage Payments System™?

I bet you’re like we are!

Anytime you see some something that promises to skyrocket your deals or income to the next level, you totally take the attitude of….


Hey, I admit, I do too. The fact is, whether you and Investor or Realtor, you’re in business for yourself. Your money, and even more importantly, your time are investments you make for business. And you want your business investments to pay off. .

How to make money with the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System™…

The little know secret is…

That even in this economy, with the economic collapse, and real estate market crash, out of the ashes is a whole new way to turn these huge negatives, into an incredibly financial positive.

The Money – YES… I’m going to show you…

But first, let me just say that unlike all the other “investing crap” I wasted money on over the last couple years, this system is not just the ground level of a big up sell. It isn’t like you have to buy 6 more classes to learn the actual strategy they sold you.

AMPS™ is a complete system, designed to get you doing deals fast and while there are more opportunities for more personalized coaching and such, the system itself has all the information you need to start doing you own deal..

Ok…. You can exhale now.

So yes, there will be some minimal marketing costs, and if you have bought through the REI RockStars, you have marketing that works that can literally be created with nothing more than the cost of your printer ink and paper costs.

It Really is that Cheap to get started..

You just need to start doing the marketing as instructed in the system, so you can get the motivated sellers calling you. By then, since you have all of Phill’s knowledge, and our killer bonus seller scripts, you now know how to offer the seller more options than they could ever have imagined.

Maybe, other investors and realtors have called…

But you are so far ahead of the competition that they gravitate to you like the moon to the sun. Now you’ve got deals.

Ok.. But where is the money already.

Here is where you make money with the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System™.

Let’s say you find a house in an awesome neighborhood that is only a couple of years old.  The house is worth $160,000 dollars. You just got the rights to the property using your AMPS™ training and now you are going to offer it to buyers for a $10,000 fee which can be called an assignment fee for an investor, or the realtor can call it a commission. It just depends on the circumstances.

Here is your money…

You now go and market for a buyer and after 6 weeks your find one with $10,000. Some of that goes for closing costs, let’s just round up to $2,000 for that, and “WALLAH,” you have just made $4,000 dollars.

Ok Great, but what if they buyer has an agent…

Well no problem just split the profit with the agent meaning they get $4,000 dollars and so do you.

Think about it, for one deal you’ve made $4,000, and if you do this 4 times a month, even if you only make $4,000 which is below our average, you could make $16,000 a month. (we’ve done almost double that)

Not a bad month!  And there…

That is how you make money with the Assignment of Mortgage Profits System™….



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