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The TRUTH About The Assignment Of Mortgage Payments SystemAnd Creating Success...

In all business, including Assignment of Mortgage Payments System™ investing, there are certain keys to success that are universal. It doesn’t matter if your Google, Honda, or selling Girl Scout cookies, there are some things you must have if you are going to succeed..

What are two factors that will make or break you?

Simple, It’s leads and conversions.

Leads are represented by anyone who inquires about what your product or service.   Whether it be calls to the office, physically walking in, e-mail’s, opt-ins online, or some other kind of inquiry, you have got to have leads so that people can see what you are offering.

Conversions, represented by the number of people who move forward vs. how many inquired. If you have a whole lot of leads but don’t have conversions, it didn’t do you any good did it?

Thus, conversions and leads are essential to your business.  And they can be affected by many things.

For example, everyone loves Girl Scout cookies so it is understandable that when they come door to door in my neighborhood, do they ever convert. How do you know they are converting?

Well, the big clue is all the chocolate coconut crumbs dangling off the lips of practically everyone on the block who bought the cookies.

In fact, they convert so well many people, including myself, stock up on boxes upon boxes when they come so we have “enough to last’

So it seems our Girl Scout Troop has a pretty good conversion rate and they are definitely happy,

However, what would happen to those “rates” if the Troop went door to door in an abandoned neighborhood, or a street where no one is home?

Or even more unthinkable, what if they replaced their whole line of cookies, with terrible tasting sugarless rice cakes?

At that point the conversion rates are not going to be very good.

So the lesson in business is that the name of the game is getting your business marketing to the right place, with the right product, at the right time.

That, is really the secret behind Phill Grove’s Assignment Of Mortgage Payments™

It combines the best of cutting edge technology, with time tested marketing and tactics to go where you are needed and open up an absolute treasure trove of deals.

Your will know how to get your marketing in the right areas so that motivated sellers can see it. Then you will learn how to convert through seller scripts (included as a bonus if you buy through us) and contracts that get you to close the deal.

Plus, having a product, the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System™ strategy that is just what the Doctor ordered in these neighborhoods.

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