This is a wild statement but…

Getting AMPS™ leads is easy!!!

Yes, that’s right, I said it…its EASY…

The truth is, a 12 year old could go out there and do our marketing as instructed and in the proper numbers and get loads of people calling his parent financed cell phone, making “Mommy and Daddy” very angry at “Junior” when they receive that totally expensive cell phone bill!

You see, getting the leads is not the hard part!!

But let me ask you this.  How many of those leads do you think would become deals?

Probably Zero!

I mean, it’s just common sense…

What 12 year old has the ability to close a deal? After all, they’re still just kids and children to not have the tool that adults do. The point is that it’s not JUST about the leads, that is only step one.

No, the most important determinant of your success with the AMPS™ system is not the marketing, it’s you…

You, meaning; your ability to make the deal happen is what is going to determine whether or not you succeed.

Case in point

Two  years ago when my team the REI RockStars, started doing Real Estate Investing, we had absolutely no experience, so we were like children in terms of AMPS™.

Now investors, many of whom have way more years of experience than we do, ask how rookies like us were able to have such stunning success, coming from literally nowhere to do over 100 AMPS™ deals during that time?

The answer is obvious, we did whatever it took, and got whatever training we needed to make it happen fast.

Yes, we got coaching and boy has it paid off for us!

I mean honestly, when you’re making $5,000 or more per deal, who cares what the cost is?

So if, you’re looking to explode your AMPS™ business to the next level, I have some good news for you…

We are the only AMPS™ investors who offer actual, in depth, personal AMPS™ coaching...

Yes, we will really give you one on one personal time with some of the best in the business when it comes to AMPS™

We share with you all our secrets that we keep hidden away in our hidden vault of knowledge of know how when it comes to making deals happen. We critique your plans, and help you avoid costly mistakes, and can help you actually close deals

Now the bad news

The first thing you learn when  you start getting a flood of deals going your way is that time is precious.  And while we have had a ton of inquiries about our coaching, the truth is, we just simply run out of time, so…

The REI RockStars are extremely time sensitive, and while we love coaching, the truth is, are bread and butter is deals. Something has to give.

Here is the bad news

We only coach the best…

I mean that, we don’t want to waste our time coaching someone who is not committed to making it happen.

Therefore we have accepted a limited number of highly motivated students who right now are out there getting it done and finding deals.

That said, as I write this ALL our limited coaching slots are full.  However, occasionally, we add another slot, or people graduate and openings will become available..

So if you’re really serious about making this AMPS™ thing happen and build a life of abundance for yourself like the REI RockStars have done, visit our coaching site at  On that site, you can tell us a bit about yourself, your motivations and why we should consider you, and we will add you to the list for further consideration.