Is Phill Grove All Hype?

I have taken a ton of calls about Phill Grove and his Assignment of Mortgage  Payments System™ called  AMPS™. And while they don’t just come out and say it, it is obvious that many of these investors/realtors have their doubts to say the least…

THEY HAVE TO BE doubtful because…

The real estate education niche is fool of so many “blow hards” who make incredible claims about get rich quick strategies, and are more than happy to take tens of thousands of dollars from you, the investor. Meanwhile, the longer you dig into your new expensive system, the more you realize that there really are not many people doing deals with this system at all.

At least that was my experience when I spent tens of thousands of dollars on “guru” training.

So does Phill Grove and his Assignment of Mortgage Payments System™ fall into the same camp?

This is my own experience with Phill Grove,

I met Phill Grove about two years ago at and REI Club meeting in Austin. He was presenting some of his strategies, and explaining why you need a multi pronged approach to investing.

It was around that time that I partnered with the rest of the REI RockStars trying to make it happen in the worst economy since the 1930’s.

Between us, we have studied, read, reviewed, and taken numerous courses only to be disappointed.

We all joined the Phill Grove program and become mentor students of his. It was really a pleasure to grow, and start making deals as he was there each step of the way to offer guidance and advice.

Having got to know Phill Grove quite well over that time period, I can certainly say that he worked tirelessly to help us and other students get deals.

He was really generous with his time and always patient when we didn’t get something.

Also, what really came out to me, and this is something I think most people don’t understand, is that even though he is a millionaire, he really is just a normal guy who earned his fortune in the streets. Literally doing deals through the hard work that it takes to make millions of dollars doing anything in this world.

Unfortunately,  it’s a fact of life that you can’t please everyone and there has got to be someone who doesn’t like Phill Grove, but I haven’t personally met anyone who has met Phill, taken any of his courses and not said that Phill was the genuine article.